Snake River Ranch Wedding - Ashley + Mitch


Snake River Ranch Wedding - Ashley & Mitch


Ashley & Mitch’s Jackson Hole Wedding was nothing short of spectacular! Every detail was planned perfectly and they spent their day at the foot of the Tetons with family and friends from across the world in a beautiful field on the Snake River Ranch in Wilson, Wyoming.

Ashley & Mitch’s Proposal Story: We were back in Mitch's hometown of Orange, Australia at his family farm. His mother, myself and Mitch had plans to go for a glass of wine at a local winery but Mitch said that first he needed my help up the back paddock with some work. I was not too thrilled as I was in a small summer dress and brand new white sneakers, not to mention my fear of snakes. Begrudgingly I helped him mark things for the farm hand to remove the next day. (side note this was not a rouse, I was actually doing work! ha) about 15 minutes in I decided I had done my part and would wait in the truck. He told me to mark one more fallen tree, so I tip-toed to the closest part of the log and marked it. He claimed I had to mark it in the middle of the tree which greatly annoyed me haha. I do a mixture of tip toeing (to not step on a snake) & stomping to the middle where he had carved in the log "Marry me Ash." He then pulled out my ring from UNDER THE LOG! It had been there for 3 days until he found the right moment!

Ashley’s Favorite Moment of the Wedding Day: It's a toss up between seeing Mitch for the first time and his reaction. (He couldn't stop saying how much he loved my dress.) & the entire wedding party dancing and singing to "Jackson"!

Ashley’s Advice to Brides Planning their own Wedding: Don't sweat the small stuff! The best way to do that is get yourself an amazing wedding planner who understands your vision. I honestly really enjoyed the wedding planning process and attribute that to Rachael Ellen Events for laying all the ground work and doing the not so fun stuff so I just got to have fun and enjoy my wedding day with friends and family!