35mm Film Session - Scott + Shelby



35mm Film Session - Scott & Shelby

This couples session on Antelope Island was shot almost entirely on 35mm film with Portra 400 & 800. I’ve been really excited about integrating 35mm film into my personal portfolio as well as shooting film professionally with my couples. There is a dramatic difference in how film photography affects me as a photographer during a session as opposed to digital photography. It allows me to slow down and hone in on “why” I love taking photographs of couples, concentrate more on being present with my clients and telling the story of a session, as well as capturing how the session felt rather than worrying about clicking my shutter a thousand times to ensure I got the perfect shot. Film is an imperfect medium and that is why I think I love it so much. I am an imperfect artist and I often get caught up in making my digital work “perfect” which can take away from the feeling of a photograph. I often see blurry digital images of mine and discard them because I feel that I have “messed up” as a photographer because the focus isn’t “perfect”. That shouldn’t always be the case because imperfection can be beautiful. Shooting film has allowed me to worry less about capturing perfection and focus on being in the moment with my clients and the “why” of photography. So take a look through these imperfect images that capture beautiful moments from an evening with Scott & Shelby.