Utah Lake // Hannah & Karch


Utah Lake // Hannah & Karch


Stylist: Sam Hobson

Dress: Freepeople 


Love Story:

We officially met at the beach in Southern California over memorial weekend in may and I thought he was the goofiest and sweetest boy I'd ever met. We've pretty much been together ever since! About a year after we met we were both living up in Utah and I was going home to Southern California for the weekend to see a friend who'd been living abroad for a few years. I flew home and was spending the weekend catching up with my girlfriend but missing him back in Utah. My friend suggested going to watch the sunset at my favorite beach before dinner, and It just seemed like a normal night! All day karch had been sending me pictures of him at work so I obviously thought he was still in Utah. We walked out to the beach, and out at the end of the walkway, karch was standing in the sand with flowers in his hands, crying. I ran all the way out and we both cried and he tried his hardest to say his cute little speech and finally got down on one knee. I am the happiest girl in the world because of him!